Welcome to Kpeople

Based in the UK but operating throughout Europe, in KPeople we have developed a substantial reputation for supporting a wide range of organisations to introduce more effective and efficient ways of working. Fabio Perossini Vanni Resta
We have also worked extensively at Government level, especially within Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and France, and have been heavily involved in the development and implementation of a number of national policy initiatives in the field of ICT strategy,  Business Process Re-engineering toward open processes adoption, Privacy policies management, ISO 26000 and horizontal subsidiarity approaches for both public bodies, NGOs as well as related to Corporate Social Responsibility.
Over the past years KPeople has taken part, and completed, in international R&D projects co-funded by the European Commission in different areas. dealing mainly with issues related to initiatives sustainability, privacy issues to be addressed and stakeholders involvement.
HORIZON 2020 has been launched by the European Commission.
We at KPeople are about to continue the work on new projects.  about HORIZON 2020.