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Sustainability planning

We can have in place deep expertise in supporting your staff when addressing issues related to Sustainability of initiatives, also when they deal with non-monetary resources availability.

ISO 26000 and Co-Production

Social Ethics as a driver for co-production of services in the non-profit arena is one of our core objectives. With deep experience in Horizontal Subsidiarity and co-production within public-private partnerships, we are ready to support organisations in dealing with their priorities also applying the GRI 4 guideline for social responsibilities.

Privacy issues management

We developed a new mission to analyse the impact of the data privacy law in the framework of Cloud Computing innovative services provided by Public Administration and to provide education on the uses of privacy principles in Cloud Computing by citizen, SME, practitioners, associations and other stakeholders following emerging trends in the European Union Member States.

Proposal Management and Partnering

We will take care of that. Our skilled Project Managers will drive you to success suggesting the best partner for your proposal venture and following during all project phases.

Milestone Proposal Consulting

Spend smart! Use our expertise when and where you need it most. From implementing a bid/no-bid strategy to the post-submittal debriefs, our consultants will help you meet critical proposal milestones on time and within budget.

Industry Benchmarking

Know where you stand! Our low-risk assessment services hone in on your processes, disciplines, and results to identify ways to produce more winning proposals. Whether it is documents or processes, we will tell you how to meet “best-in-industry” standards.

Process Consulting

Give productive change more attention than just lip service. KPeople’s process consulting services help you implement specific improvements.

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We will help you gather the right resources to succeed.